Friday, May 15, 2009


Day Two began auspiciously. I slept in long enough to assuage the feeling of yesterday that I had two reservoir weights strapped to each foot...

After having breakfast, I drove into town, which looked as if nothing had changed since I left it, and drove slowly up the long drive to Williamson Hall. Then, reality intruding as it so often does, I searched for a parking place, finding one at the far end of the campus. So I took advantage of it, and reacquainted myself with the beauty as I walked.

The Quad looks more beautiful than ever. It has been completely resodded and sprinklerized. Nobody walks across it now because they might get their feet wet!

I entered Williamson Hall, and went down to the rotunda to register. Synergy occurred, for as I finished registering, a meeting upstairs ended with the singing of the Lutkin, and tears of joy sprang forth. I was home again.

Reality strikes again... as usual, I am running late this morning (Friday). I will post this, and continue it later...

-- Olivia

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