Friday, May 15, 2009

CLASS OF 1969 REDUX - 2a

Silly me. I don't have to be on campus until lunchtime. The morning program deals with secondary school choral music programs, which will be of more interest to others.

Back to yesterday.

Having registered, I just sat on one of the benches and took in the peacefulness of the Quad, which was quickly shattered by the cries of people greeting their classmates. Such a joyful sound.

I wont attempt to name everyone I have met so far, lest I forget someone. Everyone so far has been accepting of my changes...including a few people whom I though might not be...

I took a little time to visit the Green Virgin, as she was called in my day, and did a photo study of the bronze statue, which I will make available after I have got back home.

The only program of the day was a report by Dean Annis to the Alumni on the state of the college. It could be summed up in one word: FANTASTIC...

New admissions are up. Budgets have not been cut. The Annual Fund giving has dropped less than the national averages. Rider University continues to be committed to the Westminster identity.

But what is so very exciting, is that the students themselves are pressing for more emphasis on the history of the college and on the continuance of its traditions.

I then went back to my hotel, had a wonderful supper in the hotel restaurant, and then to bed, I being grreatly fatigued...

I would say there will be more on the morrow, but it IS the morrow...and I must get gone...

-- Olivia

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